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Plant Health Care Services

Plants grow best when their physiological and structural needs are met. If we understand and meet these needs, the plant will grow vigorous and utilize its own defense system to inhibit insects, diseases and decay. To meet plant needs and your expectations of health, beauty and safety, we offer a wide range of services.

Our Plant Health Care (PHC) Services Include:

  • Insect & Disease control treatments
  • Soil analysis, Fertilization and other soil improvement treatments
  • Repair of root and trunk flare disorders caused by encircling roots, planting too deeply, or excess soil and mulch spread over the trunk and roots. 
  • Construction damage prevention plans & post-construction mitigation of compacted soils and damaged roots. 
  • Root & Trunk Flare Excavations and mitigating soil compaction with pneumatic air excavation tools. 
  • Other Related Services

Tree & Shrub Pruning & Renovation

The general purpose of pruning is to improve the health and aesthetics of your trees and shrubs while reducing hazards. Pruning may improve structure or remove dead, diseased, broken, objectionable or weak branches. For shrubs, hand pruning is emphasized over shearing to help maintain the natural form of the plant. When overgrown, often plants can be renewed through aggressive renovation pruning. 

Tree Removals

Should trees need to be removed, your landscape need not be adversely impacted. Ask about our methods of low impact and no impact tree removals.

Tree and Shrub Planting

Install a fence post, plant a tree. Trees are living plants and should be treated as such from the nursery to the final location in the landscape. To live to your expectations, do not let the roots dry our during their time from the nursery to the planting and follow these guidelines for New Tree Planting.  

Improving Views and Woodland Aesthetics

Many of us are fortunate to have natural views and woodlands adjacent to our maintained landscapes. In most cases, these natural features significantly add to the landscape. Over time, the qualities we enjoy can be lost as both native and invasive vegetation grows, hiding the views and inner woodlands, and otherwise encroaching upon the landscape.  We can selectively prune and remove the undesirable vegetation to again incorporate the natural beauty into the landscape.

Integrated Management of Damaging Insects and Diseases

Insect and disease control is accomplished through a combination of tactics including cultural, biological and chemical controls. If a problem is observed that warrants correction with chemical applications, we favor the use of pesticides that are environmentally sensitive. Examples are: horticultural oils, insecticidal soaps, Bt., pyrethrums and systemic treatments.

Soil Fertility Improvement

After a soil inspection and analysis, we take steps to improve the entire plant-rooting environment. Soil improvement strategies include prescription fertilization, composting, mulching, aerating and other methods to restore or sustain a healthy soil.

Tree Support Systems Including Cabling and Bracing

Certain trees may lose their structural integrity, due to decay, pests, disease, or just weather. Cabling and bracing may help support a defective area and can help you avoid having to remove the tree.

Renovation of Overgrown Shrubs

Is your enjoyment of the landscape waning as the size of your plantings become too oppressive for the location. Overgrown or neglected shrubs and ornamental trees often can be renovated to restore their size to be in proportion to the space, saving you from removing and replacing cherished plants. We specialize in hand pruning to restore and maintain ornamental plantings to retain their natural form.

Root & Trunk Flare Excavations with Air Knife© Technology

Many disorders of trees and shrubs occur at or below ground level with the trunk and roots. Trees and shrubs with encircling roots and buried stems are a direct result of assembly line nursery production methods combined with improper planting and excessive mulching. With compressed air technology, we can safely and efficiently expose the stems and roots to spot potential problems and treat effectively.

This technique is also used for transplanting, to safely trench near roots, and to efficiently add fertilizers and organic matter needed for vigorous growth throughout the entire root zone.

Other Services

Other services include lightning protection and construction damage mitigation.